Were you looking for Seraphic Radiance, the boss character?

Seraphic radiance

Seraphic Radiance - Almightiest of Fusions

Seraphic Radiance is a non-elemental fusion that requires 64 Sanity Points to use. It is preceded by Amon and has no successors. It is the most powerful fusion in the game.


In the year 1913, Earth Sage Dehuai used the Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation to summon the Seraphic Radiance into his world. Yuri Hyuga attempted to fuse with the creature at that time. Unfortunately, he failed, and the Seraphic Radiance ravaged Shanghai.

Later, when Yuri is returned from the darkness, he finds the Seraphic Radiance still within him, sealed away out of fear of its power. After battling with the creature as well as himself, he is finally able to control it.


Fortunately no Harmonixer has yet to fuse his soul to create this being, for its very appearance signals the apocalypse.

Skills Edit

Special Skills
Name and Level MP Cost Description Image
For Everyone 100 MP Raises all ally attributes by 30% to 36% and gives 25 to 30 AGL. SeraRadmove1
For Tomorrow 120 MP Deals heavy damage to all enemies and restores HP. SeraRadmove2
For The Children


200 MP Deals massive damage to all enemies. SeraRadmove3


  • The Seraphic Radiance has a counterpart known as Dark Seraphim which is in Shadow Hearts Covenant, it has a similar appearance like the Seraphic Radiance and has the exact same attacks. Dark Seraphim is actually the original japanese name for the Seraphic Radiance.