ShI monsters 100
Shadow Hearts
HP 7700
MP 900
Location 1st Floor of Neameto Float
Element Wind
  • Wind Fang
  • Death Touch
  • Slash
  • Status Abnormalities
EXP Gained 50000
Cash 27500
Drops Crucifix

Battle InfoEdit

Concentration of evil from a castle with many secrets. It's covered with the scent of a fruit that only grows in Purgatory.

Battle StrategyEdit

Your party should consist of Yuri, Keith, and Alice. This is the last mini-boss on The Float. It's element is Wind, so it's recommended to keep Keith in the party for elemental advantage. Death Touch can be extremely dangerous, prepare accordingly. Slash can be equally as difficult to deal with. Keep Alice in the party to make full use of Arc, avoiding any unnecessary KO's.

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