Sandalphon - Being of Curiosity

The most powerful Light class Fusion in Shadow Hearts. Obtained by fighting it in the Graveyard, after getting the Light Gravestone. It costs 48 Sanity Points to fuse with Sandalphon.

Info Edit

Holy spirit of light and the living incarnation of curiousity. Any evil thing caught in its light is sent in torment back to the netherworld.

Attack Edit

Special Skills
Name and Level MP Cost Description Image
Revive 96 MP Simultaneously revives all Unconscious allies and restores a large amount of HP. Sandlemove1
Sanctuary 64 MP Raises all allies' Special Defense 25% to 30% for 5 turns. Sandlemove2
Pulse* 72 MP Beams of light fall upon all enemies dealing heavy light class damage. Sandlemove3

Etymology Edit

Sandalphon is the name of the twin brother of Metatron, God's greatest angel. Unlike most angels, Sandalphon was once a human prophet named Elijah, until God blessed him and made him one of his angels. Sandalphon is known to be an angel of tears, determines the sexes of babies in the embryonic stage and being devoted to the well being of man kind.