Sammo Meow
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 960
MP 41
Location Purramount Pictures
Element Earth
Calories 10
EXP Gained 850
Souls Gained 0
Cash 850
Cat Coins

Bandit Earrings

Lottery Ticket

Fruity Fiber (Perfect Ring Rate 100%)

The second enemy faced in Purramount Pictures.



Sammo Hung with a bowl haircut.

  • Sammo Meow is a reference to martial artist, actor and director, Sammo Hung. Other direct references aside from the bowl haircut include Meow's full name (Meow Kam bo - Hung also goes by the name, Hung Kam-bo) and his nickname ("Fat Cat" for Meow - "Big Brother" for Sammo Hung).

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