Salmon Sushi
Shftnw mon 082
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 570
MP 91
Location Sushi House
Element Wind
Inflicts Instant Death
Calories 0
Immunities Poison, Paralyze, Seal, Instant Death, P-Attack Down, SP-Attack Down, Bloodloss, Evasion Down, Slow
EXP Gained 10
Souls Gained 1
Cash 10
Drops Pure Root, Fruity Fiber (Perfect Ring Rate 100%)

Natan's sushi house foe. Natan tells the party to move on as he takes care of this foe. The salmon sushi complains about it's saltiness eventhough Natan says that it is good for the body.


Sushi made with fresh salmon straight from Canada. Has a red face -- perhaps due to the wine in the vinegar. Instead of smelling fishy, it takes rather winy.

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