A town in Northern France home to Father Doyle prior to his death. Rouen is the place where the events leading up to Shadow Hearts unfolded, and is also an accessible location. Alice holds a particular connection with this town due to her father being killed here.


Items, Equipment and ValuablesEdit





Silent PeddlerEdit

There is a Silent Peddler located on the ground floor of the inn.

Tight-lipped MerchantEdit

Item Price Item Price
Ever-Bible 9800 Voodoo Doll 5200
Oracle's Staff 8600 Jade Lariat 5050
SilverCrscntSwd 8300 Coral Lariat 5050
RedLeatherJacket 8800 Thera Seed 120
Jasper Cape 9200 Thera Root 300
Headgear 5400 Mana Seed 300
Circlet 5800 Mana Root 500
Charming Pareo 5500 Pure Leaf 230
Loin Guard 5200 Pure Seed 510
Shell Bracelet 2770 Talisman of Mercy 820
Bone Bracelet 2960 Talisman Of Wisdom 1280
Rosewood Bracelet 3000 Talisman Of Purity 1760
Bell Bracelet 3120 Soul Benediction 5000
Mirror Bracelet 3240 Bronze Arrowhead 100
Cosmic Bracelet 11,500 Bronze Dagger 200
Spikes 2810 Silver Hourglass 100
Pocket Watch 5200 Gold Hourglass 200
Will Power 6000 Tent 480
Leonardo's Bear 3330

Lottery MembersEdit

Lottery No. 6, Hook-nose RobinEdit

Lottery No. 2, Fake-nose ManEdit


The StorylineEdit

The Back AlleyEdit


As promised Father Doyle arranged plans for Father Elliot and her daughter to meet a man named Cardinal Albert Simon who is said to rival the power of the treacherous Roger Bacon. But to thier horror Albert Simon did not show up but Roger Bacon did, scared for his daughter's life he sacrificed his life to protect her's. Later in the news it tells the horrible tragedy that happened at that the priest's daughter is missing.

Returning to RouenEdit

As Yuri and company come to Rouen to find there spy friend Margarete, Alices disappers from the hotel they stay in and Yuri then soon finds her in the Back Alley she then tells him what happened here, but as she gets to the part of Roger Bacon the cunning gentleman appears before them with his servant Arcane Olga, but in a twist of events Margarete appears and demands answers from the old man, Roger Bacon. But of course being sly with that past on smile on his face he allows Arcane Olga to summon monsters to attacks them but of course she enevitably fails do defeat them. And just before they leave Roger tells them that he won't be in action for sometime and vanishes. As they return to the hotel, Margarete explains the dirt she has gathered on Roger Bacon and the event right here in Rouen, Margarete says that they should pay a visit to Father Doyle to find out whats going on, but they are being watched... Arcane Olga has frozen time outside and summoned monsters out in the town to prevent them to go to the church. But of course they safely make it in the church and meet Father Dolye. But he has been warped by fear and believes that our heroes are here to harm him. But he eventually calms down and tells them about her father and three ancient books that were stolen from the Vatican, The Emigre Manuscript, The Pulse Tract, and the Codex of Lurie. But just has he was going to continue on Olga appears in the church and severly injuries the poor priest, she then lays her attention on Yuri and gang but is of course ultimatly defeated by them and retreats. And before Father Doyle dies he tell them that the Cardinal's House is in London.

The ChurchEdit


A Secret RevealedEdit

After the events of the Calios Mental Hospital, Alice travels alone back to Rouen to check up on something that she feels important. As she makes her way to the church she goes into the priest's confessional box to find any clues and she then finds a letter written by Father Doyle who says he has confessed the worst sin that can never be purified, he sold Father Elliot and his daughter to Roger Bacon in the sake to save his own life. But he then says he knows a dark secret of Roger Bacon something that he has been holding onto for quite sometime, which puts him at risk this very moment., the letter ends and reveals a photo of Father Dolye and Roger Bacon who is actually...... Albert Simon the very man they have been searching for. Shocked by this Alice quickly makes her way to the main room of the church only to meet Albert Simon, but Albert says that they arn't enemies of now and tells Alice his plans for humanity and why he plans to cause it. As he makes his way to leave he tells Alice that the next time they meet they will be enemies and then leaves...