Ring Abnormalities are afflictions caused by enemies that solely affect a character's Judgment Ring. It can usually be caused by enemy attack.

In Shadow Hearts: From the New World, bosses can summon multiple Ring Abnormalities on an enemy. These can be cured by items such as Phoenix Tail or Daphne Fruit, or spells such as Heal or Arc Heal.

Ring AbnormalitiesEdit

Blind Ring Blindring All hit areas on the Judgment Ring disappear.
Fake Ring Fakering Extra hit areas appear, which may be a real or fake. If a fake one is hit, the action will not be executed.
Fast Ring Fastring Ring indicator speed doubles.
Fickle Ring Ficklering Ring indicator will change speed randomly as it revolves.
Random Ring Randomring Ring indicator speed will be different each time the Ring appears for the affected character.
Reverse Ring Reversering Ring indicator revolves counter-clockwise.
Small Ring Smallring The Judgment Ring is much smaller than normal.
Tight Ring Tightring The hit and strike areas on the Judgment Ring are much thinner.
Up Ring Upring Ring indicator speed increases as it revolves.

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