Guitar Strum

Ricardo has a unique ability where he gathers inspiration from various items in order to create music. The music he creates will also cause various effects in battle, most of them having to do with healing party members. The stat increasing/boosting effect of the melodies that can be created with Serenata, will effect all characters that are in battle, with the exception of Ricardo. This makes Ricardo's Serenata very similar to Lucia's Aromatherapy special ability in Covenant.


Ricardo's Seranatas all follow a basic pattern of four different types of melody.

- Description
Delight Melodies These generally effect HP and MP by boosting or replenishing them.
Rage Melodies These melodies effect attacks, by boosting their strength, or by allowing increased damage output.
Grief Melodies These mostly effect MP and defence by increasing them, or restoring them.
Passion Melodies These focus on SP and Stock Gauge rejeuvenation.

Melody ScoresEdit

Fast-Fade FlowerEdit


Hot Blood

Fast-Fade Flower
Name MP Cost Description
Rainbow Oath 20 MP Continously restores HP.
Hot Blood 36 MP Ricardo Conflagates the enemy with a secret flame-thrower in his guitar.
Red Ties Legend 20 MP Continously restores MP.
Road to Glory 20 MP Restores SP only when played.

Old Man's DiaryEdit

Old Man's Diary
Name MP Cost Description
Meteor Shower 35 MP Prevents Status or Ring abnormalities.
Fighting Spirit 35 MP The chance of attacks doing critical damage is increased by 1.5.
Moonlight Poem 35 MP Raises evasion rate by two points.
Distant Tomorrow 35 MP The Stock Gauge fill rate is increased.

Girl's LetterEdit


Fated Day's End

Girl's Letter
Name MP Cost Description
Eternal Treasure 50 MP Physical Attack and Defense are increased.
Fated Day's End 68 MP Ricardo shoots missiles at his foes with yet another hidden compartment in his guitar.
Sunset Memories 65 MP Increases the strike areas on the Judgement Ring.
Don't Cry, Baby 50 MP Increases physical and special attack power.

Unfinished ScoreEdit

Unfinished Score
Name MP Cost Description
Spring Breeze 65 MP Continously restores HP.
Flame in my Soul 750 MP Everyone's next normal attack is under the influence of the third key.
Twilight's End 65 MP Continously restores MP.
For you, Forever 65 MP Restores SP only when played.

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