A mine which one can enter to go from England to Wales.

It's now disused, after a horrific accident caused many fatalities.

The mine is fairly straightforwards. The trouble is that half of the areas are inaccessible at first because they are pitch black. So a lantern must be found in one of the abandoned workstations. An elevator allows access to these different wooden storehouses. Once found, the lantern will be a permanent piece of equipment used by Yuri and his friends. In the darkness, keep an eye out for a Lottery member who survived the mine collapse. Also at one point, Yuri and Karin will encounter the Ring Soul who gives them another Attack Boost.


  • Lottery Ticket
  • Mana Seed
  • Thera Seed
  • Pure Seed
  • Seal of Speed
  • Seal of Strength
  • Attack Boost
  • Whetstone
  • Fine Rapier
  • Studded Belt
  • Lantern

Minor Enemies


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