The Replacement Man is an accessory that gives fallen characters a second chance. If knocked out by an enemy, on their turn, they would be revived. Unfortunately they would only have 1 HP and the Replacement Man disappears from inventory. So if using it, be prepared to use a Thera Extract or a healing spell on their turn. In Shadow Hearts, it is called Voodoo Doll.

Shadow HeartsEdit


Used in voodoo rites in Haiti during ceremonies to bring souls back from the dead. Smiles when you talk to it. Becomes Unconscious in the player's stead once.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Replacement man

A meek little corporate warrior, noticed by no one. If the holder falls unconscious, this figurine will disappear instead, with a sad smile of relief.

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit


A doll modeled on a guy who took the blame for his boss's screw-ups and lost his job. He takes the place of the wearer and dies when he is rendered unconscious.