Rasetsu (羅刹)
SHCDC Sea of Woods Rasetsu1
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 1250
MP 316
Location Sea of Woods
Element Light
  • Nova
  • Bright Banish
EXP Gained 6600
Souls Gained 4
Cash 10
Drops Pure Extract

Creature found in Sea of Woods, in the Director's Cut edition of the game.

Bestiary EntryEdit


Rough Translation:
A devil with the body of parasite that rides in the brains of cattle. Because it defiles sacred cows, it was driven from India by Hindu mystics. The cattle are manipulated by its cranial nerves, so the parasite always pushes its host's body to the very limit.


A Rasetsu is one of many alternative names for the Rakshasa, a race of hideous cannibal beasts, originating from Hindu mythology, but later incorperated into Buddism, and many other South-East Asian regional myths and religions.