SH-C - Raiden1
Eng VA Michael Sorich
Jap VA Yu Shimaka
Age 36
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour None
Home Japan
Element Earth Element earth

Enemy in Shadow Hearts: Covenant


"First of the Mutant Apes to be created by Kato, he is the "Hear-No-Evil" of the Apes. He has a huge battery mounted on his body and wields fearsome electrical power. He is a deeply loyal person."

Fighting StyleEdit

In the brief time that he and the other Mutant Apes are playable, he uses a unique gauntlet to pound his enemies into submission.

Support Fire
Name MP Cost Description Image Ring
Anti-armor Bomb 50 MP Raiden throws a grenade to deal heavy damage to enemies. Antiarmorbomb Antiarmorbombring

He and the other members of her team also have access to a unique combo: "Lightning Flash". He is fought three times over the course of the game:

  • Firstly by Ouka as a boss
  • Secondly by Yuri and his party as Raijin
  • And finally, Kato later uses his soul to form the Yata Mirror.


  • Like his fellow Mutant Apes, Hien and Ouka, he shares his name with a WWII-era Japanese fighter plane, the Mitsubishi J2M Raiden. The name, Raiden, is an alternative name for Raijin, the Japanese god of thunder and lightning.

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