Raging tiger info

The Raging Tiger - Incarnation of Fury

Raging Tiger is a fusion monster from Shadow Hearts. It is the first Earth fusion, and is acquired by fighting Raging Tiger in the graveyard, on Yuri's first visit. It costs 16 Sanity Points to fuse with Raging Tiger.

Info Edit

Tiger-like lesser earth spirit. Incarnation of the Harmonixer's furious soul. It wields the power of the Earth and its roar can shake the valleys.


Special Skills
Name and Level MP Cost Description Image
Moon Howl 18 MP Restores a small amount of the target's HP. Rtigermove1
Chi Shield 15 MP Raises target's Physical Defense power 15% to 18% for 5 turns. Rtigermove2
Flying Stones 20 MP Attacks target with a hail of stones, dealing earth class damage Rtigermove3