Rage Demon
Shadow Hearts
HP 300
MP -
Location Kuihai Tower
Element Water
Abilities Attack w/ Silence
EXP Gained 330
Cash 200
Drops Witch's Broth

Bestiary InfoEdit

Spawned from evil. Malicious ghost of an entrepreneur killed by his own family. The protrusion in the nether region commits hideous acts. Brother of Vengeance Demon.



The Rage Demon's infamous "protrusion"

Despite his low HP, this one has high physical defense. An annoying thing about this demon is that it likes to cast Silence to make sure that the players have a long time to defeat it. But it will usually cast it on Zhuzhen, that jerk! So have Zhuzhen be equiped a Bell Bracelet. Other than that a special skill will KO it in one hit.

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