Shadow Hearts
HP 40
MP 150
Location Temple Ruins
Element Fire
Immunities N/A
EXP Gained 140
Cash 360
Drops Thera Leaf

Bestiary InfoEdit

A snake that has grown to immense proportions from eating buried bodies. It moves freely underground in search of dead bodies or people who are near death. It appears at the feet of its prey without a sound, and before you know it, it has eaten the body up to the knees.



Apollo slaying Python

Python is dervied from the mythological serpent of Greek myth. A giant serpent or dragon, it lived at the centre of the Earth, protecting the Omphalos - the "navel of the world", and was later slain in Delphi by the god Apollo.

The real-life genus of snakes is named after this beast.


An Uwabami

The Japanese name, Uwabami (うわばみ) refers also to a giant snake of legend. Living in the mountains, Uwabami were said to be capable of swallowing humans whole, and had a liking for alcohol.

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