Cat studio in Hollywood run by Meowcus the director. It serves as the location for all of Mao's pagoda fights.


The fights require a certain number of Cat Coins to progressively unlock - and if Mao loses a fight she loses her initial investment of coins, and so needs to collect more. Winning the fight will allow her to start moving towards the next tier.

Pagoda Fights
Tier Coins Needed Opponent
Tier 1
  • 5 Mackerel
The Meowmenator
Tier 2
  • 5 Mackerel
  • 10 Octopus
Sammo Meow
Tier 3
  • 5 Mackerel
  • 10 Octopus
  • 15 Scallop
Cat Morita
Tier 4
  • 5 Octopus
  • 15 Scallop
  • 20 Shrimp
Tier 5
  • 5 Mackerel
  • 5 Octopus
  • 5 Scallop
  • 5 Shrimp
  • 25 Bream
Bruce Meow



  • The name is a not-very-subtle pun on Paramount Pictures.
  • Assuming no losses, the minimum total of Cat Coins required for the Pagoda fight is; 20 Mackerel, 30 Octopus, 35 Scallop, 25 Shrimp, and 25 Bream - 135 in total.

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