Purgatory is an optional dungeon in Shadow Hearts: From the New World. It houses a great ton of Experience, Soul Energy, and Cash. It is unlocked after speaking with Masatoshi in Chicago after snapping 115 individual cards. Speaking with Masatoshi will grant you the Water of Virtue, which can be used on a mentioned "Picture of Hell".

Getting StartedEdit

Purgatory is a hard dungeon with an amazing reward. For completing this area, you gain Awaker Johnny's Ether Purge ability--a very powerful attack. It is composed of 7 mazes, and there are no save points and no shops to be found within its walls. Stocking up beforehand is greatly encouraged. Hopefully you've obtained their Ultimate Armors and Ultimate Weapons, and also Shania's final fusion. It is a great place to get more snaps, which is highly encouraged so you can gain the Eternal Key in New Game+. Also, since mazes cannot be reentered after beating the boss, it's best to Snap each enemy when you have the chance(refer to Snap Cards). Great accessories to carry are the Crucifixes, and also a Warning Device to prevent surrounding. There are no items or chests, so the priority is to just stay alive.

The LayoutEdit

Each character has a color and a "Sin" attributed to them, sans Johnny who the player controls. Each color represents an element, and each party member is located behind their respected element.

Hilda: Green (Earth), for gluttony.
Mao: Blue (Water), for greed.
Ricardo: Red (Fire), for lust.
Natan: Orange (Wind), for sloth.
Frank: Yellow (Light), for pride.
Shania: Purple (Dark), for wrath.

As you progress through the mazes, the enemies become harder and harder. Make sure as you continue receiving your party members that you have them well equipped, but only if you plan on using them in battle. The mazes are the same regardless of which colored door is entered first, but as you continue through Purgatory the mazes will grow longer and harsher.


Boss: Great Hunger


Boss:Impure Thought




After finishing all six mazes, your last saved party member will run off. Follow the person and you'll see a welcomed sight: a Save Point, and Gerard and Buigen. The shop has a new item available: Third Key. This useful item will allow the ring to spin up to three times if the actions are successful. However, feel free to spend your money are items that will serve to be more useful in the upcoming battle.

Envious JealousyEdit

Envious Jealousy is one of the toughest enemies out there. The elemental attribute and its image will copy whatever party member's stats that ran off. If Frank was the one who ran off, then Envious Jealousy will be a Light attribute and will hold Frank in it's grasps.

If you end up dying against this enemy, you will miss Awaker Johnny's Ether Purge skill, and will miss out on the awesome Spoils. You will not get a Game Over notice, but it seems a bit silly to fight through Purgatory and get to the end without winning you prize.

  • Envious Jealousy is very powerful. It's very important that this foe does not have stock.
  • If it Doubles, it can wipe out the entire party. Don't worry about trying to Buff your party, unless casting Entrance immediately as part of a Combo. Lost Progress will completely remove them.
  • Masked Curvy Hilda is a great healer in this battle. Her Full Bloom skill completely restores your entire party's HP.
  • Towards the end of the fight, when Envious Jealousy's HP is in the red, it will cast Spirit Ward. This spell will remove a party member from battle for the duration of the battle. Go ahead and use any Third Keys, but try to save the Fifth and Seventh Keys for the final boss.

For winning the fight, you'll get 99999 EXP and 9999 Cash, as well as a Seventh Key. You can make an additional 10,000 EXP if the max number of chained hits was between 108 and 455. You can receive a Seal of Luck if Envious Jealousy didn't get a turn in battle, or a Third Key if Envious Jealousy had 18 turns.



Purgatory is one of the four places in the after life in Christanity. The other three are Limbo, Hell, and Heaven. Purgatory like Limbo is a waiting place to go to heaven. But Purgatory is the upper most part and people have to take straining tests inorder to get the place they desire, Heaven.

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