Pure Seed is another item that restores more SP than Pure Leaves. It can restore roughly around 7 SP with one use. They are always available at stores and are very handy in the heat of battle.

Shadow HeartsEdit

Pure seedsh
The seeds of the magical Pure Leaf, soaked in a special medicinal liquid for 15 years. They have a powerful tranquilizing effect.

Found: Lottery #15, Sewers, Temple Ruins,
Drops: Dead Knight
Purchase: Most shops Shanghai and on
Buy: 510
Sell: 255

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Pure seed
The soft-shelled seed can be rolled around the tongue like hard candy, but is very bitter when bitten into. It acts as a sedative to calm nerves.

Found: Wine Cellar, Rhondda Mine x2, Manmariana Island, Lottery #13, Lottery #10
Drops: Gargoyle, Fortune Stick, Langsuir, Pendulum, Ogoroja, Jill, Zamuza
Purchase: Most shops Florence and on
Buy: 510
Sell: 255

Shadow Hearts: From the New World:Edit

Pure seedftnw
Simply licking this Pure Leaf seed is enough to calm shaken nerves. As well as being more effective than a leaf, it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Found: Caribbean Pirate Fort, Lottery #9, Las Vegas, Lottery #8
Drops: Automaton, Mafia Hoodlum, Okeron
Buy: 510
Sell: 255