The Pure Root is another item used to restore SP. It can restore roughly around 15 or so SP upon use. It is sold at stores (mostly later in the game) and is occasionally dropped by enemies after battle.

Shadow HeartsEdit

Pure rootsh
The root of the magical Pure Leaf. Made from the most poisonous part, but made safe to ingest. Makes one fearless of death or the enemy in battle.

Found: Blue Castle, , Kowloon Fortress
Drops: Happy Creeper, Banshee, Guinea Pig
Purchase: Nemeton Monastery
Buy: 1000
Sell: 500

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Pure root
Root harvested from plants grown hydroponically. The water serves to draw the poisons from the root, leaving only concentrated amounts of the sedative.

Found: St. Marguerite Island, Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Foreigner's Cemetary, Hojo Research Facility, Trading, Lottery #7
Drops: Ogoroja, Echidna, Lemures, Flying Drone, Noh Masks, Flying Drone X, Towd, Samurai Ghoul, Bethleham, Hinogakutsuchi, Arahabaki, Dog Guardian, Aerolite
Purchase: Most shops Idar Flamme and on
Buy: 1000
Sell: 500

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

Pure rootftnw
A pure leaf root, commercially grown and harvested. Its slightly bitter, refined taste brings with it massive mental calm, although wild root is poisonous.

Found: Machu Picchu, Vilcabamba, Aito Cave, Lottery #5, Lottery #4
Drops: Kerufe, Salmon Sushi, Alyosh, Chakmol, Ghatanothoa, Ispus, Ledope, Shrimp Roll, Xantak
Purchase: Moana Village and on
Buy: 1000
Sell: 500