The Pure Leaf is the basic item for restoring SP in battle. It restores between 3 and 5 SP when used. This is useful to restore characters with low SP. It is commonly sold in stores and occasionally dropped by enemies.

Shadow HeartsEdit

Pure leafsh
A magical herb used by ancient magic users such as shamans when practicing their craft. It changes the secretions of the brain, influencing one's state of mind.

Found: Plains
Drops: N/A
Purchase: Most shops Zhaoyang Village and on
Buy: 230
Sell: 115

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Pure leaf
Plant contained narcotic chemicals. Brought from the Americas in the Age of Discovery, it became popular for relieving stress on long ship voyages.

Found: Apoina Tower, Domremy, Ardennes Forest, Paris, Le Havre, Port of Southampton, Lottery #16,
Drops: Zosim, Sting, Centipede, Tammuz,
Purchase: Most shops Paris and on
Buy: 230
Sell: 115

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

Pure leafftnw
Grown on the South American plains, this relaxant relieves deep down stress when eaten. At the present time no adverse side effects have been reported.

Found: New York City - Upper West Side, Erick Theatre, Lottery #12, Arkham University, Grand Canyon, Alcatraz Prison
Drops: Acteon, Chon Chon, Gagu, Thug,
Purchase: New York City and on
Buy: 230
Sell: 115