Pure Extract is the ultimate SP restoration item. Like all extracts, it restores all SP with use. However it is very rarely sold at stores and is dropped by a few enemies, but mostly later in the games. Still, it is possible to get them early through use of the Pedometer, as it is a common prize for a certain number of steps.

Shadow HeartsEdit

Pure extractsh
Concentrated, distilled liquid of Pure Root. It contains fragments of spirit stone. When ingested, one feels a great sense of exhilaration. Warriors have long used it before taking on mighty enemies.

Found: Kuihai Tower, London - Orphanage
Drops: Asp, Enigma
Purchase: Prague
Buy: 20000
Sell: 10000

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Pure extract
A secret drug, made from filling a soulstone vessel with extract of pure root. Tastes like poorly-made white wine. Completely restores mental health.

Found: Apoina Tower, Azabu Kamiyashiki, Asuka Stone Platform, Neam Ruins, Black Forest, Lotter #4
Drops: Phillipe, Amon, Towd, Morgan, Hinogakutsuchi, Arahabaki, Muscida, Dry Curry Man, Egg Curry, Dog Guardian, Aerolite
Purchase: Florence
Buy: 1000 Steps
Sell: 10

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

Pure extractftnw
Essence extracted from a pure root, using a holy syringe made from magical stone. A sticky liquid that can be hard to swallow, but fully recovers all lost SP.

Found: Uyuni Salt Lake, The Gate, Masotashi's "List First Trade 2" (NG+), Garvoy Valley, Ninja Hideaway, Lottery #1, Dollhouse, Pit Fight - App Beast Med I (NG+), Pit Fight - Prac Beast Sci I (NG+), Pit Fight - Gen Anatomy I (NG+)
Drops: Ginger Sushi, Egg Roll, Gregor, Len, Soldes, Xukrus
Purchase: Arkham University
Buy: 2000 steps
Sell: 10