On the lower basement level of Nemeton Monastery, lies the prison. Home to innumerable prisoners, when the Monastery was converted to a goal in the 1600s, many spirits still haunt the area, unable to move on past their horrorifc experiences.


After falling through some rotten floorboards, the party find themselves trapped in a gaol cell and unable to leave. However after fighting the Jailer, and thanks to a fallen wall they clamber through to the blood stained torture chamber.

Torture ChamberEdit


Torture Chamber

Still keeping many of the mediæval torture devices from times since past - the room stands as a testement to the horrors inflicted on the prisoners.

The HallwayEdit


Dungeon Hallway - Valna and Vigna's bodies can be seen to the left.

The entrance to Charlotte's Room can be found here, as can Valna and Vigna. They can be fought, though they are unbeatable.