Priest earrings

Priest Earrings from Covenant

The Priest Earrings is a rare and useful accessory. It reduces MP cost for spells and abilities by 20%. It is useful to reduce the edge of most high-MP costing abilities. In Shadow Hearts: From the New World, it serves far less of a purpose since Shania's fusions and Stellar Magic can have MP cost halved.

Descriptions Edit

Shadow Hearts

Semi-precious stone earrings worn always by the Ganbriel brothers, known for their odd missionary work. They reduce the consumption rate of mystical strength.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Priests made these earrings for villagers, back when it was believed that the devil could enter a person through the ears. Slows loss of mystical strength.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Worn by religious orders in medieval France, made from a cross given to a young priest when he was ordained. Allows the wearer to use spiritual powers effectively.

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