A location in the Asia area of Shadow Hearts.

The area is simple yet expansive, and crawling with wild animals. There is a river running through the area, which can be dammed by a series of sluice gates further upstream.


Items, Equipment and ValuablesEdit


  • Leather Belt/Thera Leaf/Mana Leaf - After draining the river, there will be a chest on the second screen. The contents depends on how many tries it took to get the Sluice Gate Handle.
  • Holy Mother Bust - A chest on the left of the path before the village gates.


  • Leather Belt - There is a hidden area off the pathway in the upper-right of the second screen. It leads to a ledge above the sluice gates with this chest.


  • Sluice Gate Handle - Succeed on a Normal Ring at the north gate or a Push Ring at the south gate.


The StorylineEdit

After jumping off the train, Yuri and Alice find themselves here and begin to look for shelter.