The Phoenix Tail is a common item used to cure a character of all Ring Abnormalities. It is pretty common in stores and enemy drops. This item proves useful since some abnormalities are detrimental to ring success like Fast Ring, Tight Ring, or Blind Ring to name but a few. But if the affected also has a Status Abnormality, then a Daphne Fruit should be used instead to cure everything.

Shadow HeartsEdit

Phoenixs tail
'A tail feather from the sacred phantom bird. When used, it emits a blue flame and cancels out all effects on the Judgment Ring.

Found: Zhaoyang Village, Shanghai
Drops: Mutant Frog, Water Creeper, White Wolfling, Gremlin, Larmgelg, Straithe
Purchase: Most shops Zhaoyang Village and on
Buy: 90
Sell: 45

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Phoenix tail
'A feather from the tail of the immortal Phoenix. Known also as a symbol of law and order, this feather has the ability to restore the Judgment Ring to normal.

Found: Paris
Drops: Thug, Fat Thug, Katherine, Clawed Admiral, Danters, Lemures, Gaki
Purchase: Most shops Paris and on
Buy: 90
Sell: 45

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

Phoenix tailftnw
A mysterious feather that brings about strange fortune. It can be found at every major upheaval in the world. Restores Judgment Ring to normal.

Found: Grand Canyon, Chicago
Drops: Petty Gangster, Saskachilli, Sirius, Tonakh, Womp, Betelgeuse, Chakmol, Eliops, Gangster Hoodlum,
Purchase: Arkham University and on
Buy: 90
Sell: 45