First VisitEdit

City of residence for the Russian Royal Family. The player first sees this area exploring the Winter Palace with Anastasia Romanov, attempting to figure out Rasputin's plan. She gets a camera from Edgar and finds Rasputin and Victor in a passageway. She is caught while attempting to take a picture of the two, and starts running. When she is trapped in an alley by a Pendulum demon, Yuri and co. come and save her. They help Anastasia in her attempts to stop Rasptuin's conquering of Europe, battling Victor yet being stopped by Rasputin, who calls upon the Holy Mistletoe curse to stop Yuri's attempts to kill him. When he possesses Anastasia in an attempt to make her murder her brother Alexei, her mother comes in and Rasputin blames Yuri's team. They are then driven out of Petrograd.

Second VisitEdit

The party decides they must re-enter the Winter Palace, and Prince Yusopov leads them through the Gallery of the Dead, a secret passageway that leads them to the palace. There they find Rasputin has begun his conquest of Europe, and battle Veronica's demonic form, the Night Queen. Afterwards, Yuri fuses into Amon and breaks Rasputin's shield, he is then left defenseless. However, he flies up and fufills a pact with the demon Asmodeus, starting the events of Idar Flamme.

Items found First Visit (Winter Palace, Petrograd)Edit

  • Seal of Life
  • P-Attack Down 2
  • The Empress
  • Mana Root
  • Pure Root
  • Hit Area Expand
  • Seal of Wisdom
  • Furcas
  • P-Defend Down 2
  • Strike Expand
  • Lottery Ticket
  • Nibelung Scene 5
  • Super Piroshki
  • Lottery Ticket
  • Espada
  • Prism Band
  • Circlet
  • Eligos
  • Bell Bracelet
  • Lion Shrine Key
  • Pirate Earrings

Items found Second Visit (Petrograd, Gallery of the Dead, Winter Palace)Edit

  • Mana Seed
  • Nibelung Scene 8
  • Thera Root
  • Lottery Ticket
  • The Magician
  • Attack Boost
  • Leraje
  • Leonardo's Bear
  • Andromalius
  • Seal 2
  • Talisman of Luck
  • Strongoids
  • Plastron
  • Silver Locket
  • Ipos
  • Talisman of Mercy
  • Mr. Swan
  • Tissues
  • Purple Bondage
  • Silver Angel
  • Frozen Tuna
  • Panoramic Lens
  • Holy Easter Egg