Peg O'Nell
Shc monster 124
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 322
MP 230
Location Tiffauges Castle
Element Wind
  • Attack w. Seal
  • Gathering
  • Gale Spike
  • Poison/Deadly Poison
  • Paralysis
  • Petrify
  • Physical and Special Attack Down
  • Delay
  • Evasion Down
  • Instant Death
EXP Gained 2,380
Souls Gained 3
Cash 1,504

Enemy in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Bestiary Entry Edit

Water spirit that lives in well bottoms and kills unexpecting victims, it is said to be the ghost of an innocent man killed and hidden in a well.

Etymology Edit

Peg O'Nell was a servant girl at the Waddow Hall manor in Lancashire, England. She fell to her death after being ordered to fetch some water on a nearby well. For decades all the mysterious deaths on the countryside were blamed on her curse.