Pedometer from Covenant

The Pedometer is an invaluable accessory given once for a unique purpose. Instead of buying certain items, the player can use the Pedometer to measure the amount of steps made in the game in exchange for prizes. Unfortunately walking anywhere will not work. Steps can only be counted in dungeons. If equipped with the Step Doubler and Step Tripler, the number of steps multiplies by two or three. After achieving a certain number of steps (around 10,000 or more) towards the end of the game, a unique item is given.

Description Edit

Shadow Hearts

A device that counts steps. True adventurers are very serious and responsible about each step they take. Can't do without one.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Measures how far you have walked, step by step. Some people give prizes, depending on how far you have walked. Walking in safe places doesn't count.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World

A device that measures how much you walked. Its selling point is that it only counts exercise in unsafe areas. Don't forget to bring it along so you can get a prize!

Prizes for Pedometer Steps Edit

Shadow Hearts Edit

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Edit

  • Mana Extract - 500
  • Pure Extract - 1,000
  • Replacement Man - 2,000
  • Will Power - 3,000
  • Strongoids - 4,000
  • Bat's Gold - 5,000
  • Hit Area Expand - 6,000
  • Strike Expand - 7,000
  • Getitup! - 8,000
  • Ultra Belt - 9,000
  • Microskirt (ultimate armor for Karin) - 10,000

Shadow Hearts: From the New World Edit

  • Thera Extract - 500
  • Mana Extract - 1,000
  • Pure Extract - 2,000
  • Hit Area Expand - 4,000
  • Strike Area Expand - 8,000
  • Ultra Belt - 9,000
  • Charo Passion (ultimate armor for Ricardo) - 10,000

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