Patrick's (never seen) game model

Husband of Elaine and the man responsible for the events of Koudelka.


Husband of Elaine Heyworth, and the last owner of the Nemeton Monastery. While attending university in his youth, he became firm friends with a man, called James O' Flaherty. During this time, he met Elanie Spencer, and they became sweethearts. However, James O' Flaherty also vied for her affections, but eventually backed down due to his poverty, lesser social standing, and friendship with Patrick.

She and Patrick eventually married while James regretfully went on to a seminary, to pursue life as a priest. Their happy marriage was not to last. Elaine was murdered during a robbery 18 years before the game's events. This tragedy, and Patrick's grief drives much of the game's plot.

Elaine's MurderEdit

One night when Patrick was away, a band of robbers (or robber) broke into the their estate and killed Elaine during the raid. When Patrick returned he was devastated to discover his wife's murder. He refused to accept her death and soon sought a way to restore her to life. He had no success until a certain man told him where to find a book of forbidden arts, the Emigre Document.


Following the instructions provided by the ancient text, he purchased and renovated, the Nemeton Monastery.


The Resurrection

Attempting to start the resurrection attempt, he was frustrated by the lack of reaction provided by his animal sacrifices, coming to the grim realisation that he would require human sacrifices, for the ritual to work.

With Ogden's help, he began to abduct women, all the way from London, and transport them back to the Monastery to begin his ritual. It was soon apparent that he needed a larger number of sacrifices, so ordered victims via a slave trader, while continuing to abduct people.

Finally, after a whole year of murder, the cauldron was filled with enough souls to resurrect his wife. While the ritual was successful in reanimating his wife's corpse, he realised to his horror, that the being lacked his wife's soul; he had created an animalistic monster.


Dead patrick

Patrick's Corpse

Filled with regret, and self-loathing at the horrors he had pursued to bring back Elaine - he longed only to be with her once more. While it's unclear how he died, Koudelka, Edward and James discover his remains at the base of the sacrifical cauldron, covered in vines.



  • Though Patrick has two character models, neither are ever seen ingame. He himself is only seen from behind in FMVs. His dessicated corpse, however, does appear as a unique enemy.

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