The Panoramic Lens is an accessory equippable to only Anastasia in Shadow Hearts: Covenant and Johnny in Shadow Hearts: From the New World. With this accessory, all attack and defense are increased, along with the ability to photograph all enemies on the battlefield. In the case for Johnny, Snap Cards would be produced for every enemy on the battlefield.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Panoramic lens

Camera lens made by Edgar. Can capture images at a wide angle, enabling you to photograph all enemies with just one press of the shutter.

Location: During the transition from Asia to Europe retuen to Petrograd and go to where Edgar's shop is. Go up to him and talk to him and he will be talking about a new device that will help with her camera which and he will give you the Panoramic Lens.

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit


A gift from the mystery phantom thief. Expands camera's field of view and allows several snaps to be taken at once., Produces out-of-focus pictures if misused.

Location: After completeing one of tinker bell's problems return back to Garland Detective Agency where Lenny will give Johnny a note from tinker bell again saying that he has planted assassians in New York and he nust bet them inorder to collect a prize. After beating the second assassian he will reward him with the Panoramic Lens.