Paimon's Sigil


Appears as a majestic king with vassals. Can grant humans knowledge. Travels by camel and lives in the desert.

Where to findEdit

Apoina Tower, Cage room

Solomon's Key LoactionEdit


Forsaken Hill, top row, left node.


Name Base MP Cost Description Image Ring
Evil Ray 16 MP Small-linear Dark attack (high angle) Evilray Evilrayring
Evil Born 32 MP Medium-piercing Dark attack (knock down) Evilborn Evilbornring
Post Completion
Dark Resist 88 MP Increases one ally's resistance to Dark-based attacks by 50% Darkresist Darkresistring
Evil Summoning 64 MP Large-area Dark attack (high angle) Evilsummoning Evilsummoningring

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