Shc monster 153
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 348
MP 256
Location Dog Shrine
Element Wind
  • Attack w. Physical Attack Down
  • Entrance
  • Arc Barrier
  • Arc Surge
  • Arc Shield
  • Poison/Deadly Poison
  • Seal
  • Petrify
  • Physical Attack Down
  • Physical and Special Defense Down
  • Slow
  • Evasion Down
  • Instant Death
EXP Gained 2,950
Souls Gained 3
Cash 1,666

Enemy in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Bestiary Entry Edit

This strange creature sprung to life from an scroll painted by an impoverished sage using his own hair as paintbrush and his own blood as ink.

Etymology Edit

Otoroshi is an hairy monster from Japanese mythology that dwells on top of the gates to temples and shrines, waiting for impious and evil-intentioned people to pass below so that it may pounce upon them.