Orb Chaos
ShI monsters 080
Shadow Hearts
HP 7500
MP 800
Location Dollhouse
Element Light
  • Release Magic
  • Expression
  • Charge
  • Battle Cry
  • Iris
  • Sanctuary
  • Accelerate
Immunities Status Problems
EXP Gained 48000
Cash 75000
Drops Holy Book of Flesh

Bestiary InfoEdit

The root of all evil in the mansion with no order. It evokes old memories in people.


Ok first of all this boss likes to buff its self out with special skills which will kinda make this fight a little difficult. This boss has a high physical and special attack strength so use Alice's Gospel to keep everyone's defense up high. Watch out for the Orb Chaos's Expression which deals quite a bit of damage to all the characters. This boss also has high HP so this will be a long fight so be prepared.


  • This boss is something of a recurring feature in the Shadow Hearts series, having first appeared in Koudelka as a minor enemy (Tamacoss), Shadow Hearts: Covenant as a boss (King Tamakos), and finally, in Shadow Hearts: From the New World as a boss (Tamaris). This is the only version of the recurring enemy that doesn't have the prefix Tama (Jap. "Sphere, ball, orb") to its name, instead being directly translated as "Orb Chaos".

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