Okanagan 2

Shaman of Moana Village, she is able to contact the spirits which allows her the predict the future and see the past. Her tribe is a seperate group from the northern tribes that have grown apart, she knows much of the past of the tribes and of Malice and Will.


At first we see Okanagan contacting with the spirits seeing that Machu Picchu ruins just about to be released with the Malice that was sealed within there. But she also sees our heroes at the ruins as well and asks her granddaughter to fetch them for her. Once our heroes arrive at Moana Village she then explains to them that what the ruins are and why malice is sealed within it. She tells that the ruins are sealed with Malice to prevent The Gate from appearing into the world. But as leave she is concerned for Shania for she has a burning anger Lady. As our heroes return from Vilcamba, she is able to get through towards Shania and is able relax her hatred of Lady. She then expalins them about Will, the blue light which is the opposite of Malice, and its power can prevent The Gate from opening!. She tells them that the blue light is sealed within Uyuni the salt lake castle, she also tells them that to release its power they must find the two rings that have taken in the care of the tribe of the north and south, as they leave she says that she feels a unrested shadow among her, but says that is jusy countless worry.


Once the player has found all the fetishes and maxed them all out, return to Okanagan and she will open up Shania's homeland which will start the Tirawa hunt!

Mystical PowersEdit

Okanagan is able to contact with the spirits which allows her to see the past and future but she is not able to predict deaths or births, the spirits also send her signs to show her what is happening in the world.

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