Oh smania! oh furie! ~ D'Oreste, d'Ajace is a classical song composed by Mozart for his Opera seria that established his his maturity as an opera composer upon its premiere in Munich on January 29, 1781. It was part of the premiere of Idomeneo, rè di Creta (“Idomeneus, King of Crete”), an opera that was actually modified because it ran for too long.

Italian LyricsEdit

Oh smania! Oh furie!
Oh disperata Elettra!
Addio amor, addio speme!
Ah, il cor nel seno già m’ardono
l’Eumenide spietate.
Misera! A che m’arresto?
Sarò in queste contrade
della gioia, e trionfi
spettatrice dolente?
Vedrò Idamante alla rivale in braccio,
e dall’uno, e dall’altra
mostrarmi a ditto

Ah no, il germano Oreste
ne’ cupi abissi io vuò seguir.
Ombra infelice! Lo spirto mio accogli,
or or compagna m’avrai
là nell’Inferno.
A sempiterni guai, al pianto eterno.


D’Oreste, d’Aiace
Ho in senor i tormenti.
D’Aletto la face
Già morte mi dà.
Squarciatemi il core
Ceraste, serpenti,
O un ferro il dolore
In me finirà.

English TranslationEdit

Oh frenzy! Oh Furies!
Oh, desperate Electra!
Farewell, love! Farewell, hope!
Ah! Already within my breast
the pitiless Eumenides are burning my heart.
Wretch that I am! Why do I hold back?
Shall I, in this region
of joy and triumphs
be a grieving spectator?
Shall I see Idamante in the arms of my rival,
and see both of them point their
fingers at me?

Ah, no! My brother Orestes
I shall follow into the deep abysses.
Unhappy shade! Receive my spirit;
in no time you’ll have me as a
companion in Hell.
In everlasting woe, in eternal weeping.


The torments of Orestes and Ajax
I have in my breast
The torch of Alecto
already brings me death.
Tear open my heart,
Ceraste, serpents,
or a sword will put an end
to my sorrow.