Ogre Flame
Shadow Hearts
HP 40
MP 120
Location Smuggler's Boat
Element Fire
Abilities Fire Ball
Immunities N/A
EXP Gained 65
Cash 225
Drops Talisman of Luck

Bestiary InfoEdit

Jellyfish filled with the body fluid of drowning victims. Many of them gather around the harbor at dusk. Makes a sound like nails scratching glass.


They always appear in a group of four, they are really annoying if you only kill one or two, but using a group attack skill and they will all go down at once.



A man encounters a will-o-the-wisp.

The Japanese name, Onibi (鬼火), is a term for a ghost light, known better in English as a Will-o'-the wisp, or Ignis Fatuus (Fool's Fire), among numerous other regional names.

Now believed to be caused by a chemical reaction of organic decay (which may also be found in marsh or swampland), or simple mistaken identity of fauna and natural bioluminescence - they were, in the past, ascribed to ghosts, devils, spirits and faeries, seeking to mislead travellers off the path to get lost, or possibly drown in the marsh.

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