Nuckelavee (ナックラヴィ)
2dc e06
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 1600 (Approx)
MP ??
Location Nahash Temple
Element Darkness
  • Red Blaze
  • Blind Ring
  • Surge
  • Dark Claw
EXP Gained 0
Souls Gained 0
Cash 0
Drops Imp's Fang?

Bestiary EntryEdit


古の時代、 主神に背き邪神に褒返った罰で、 体中の皮膚をはがされた。 淡水に弱く、海中にしか住めない彼は、毎日塩水に体を焼かれる痛みを味わってぃる。

Rough Translation:
Faithful watchdog of the false god.
Aeons ago, in service to his master, he rebelled against the chief god, and was duely punished; the flesh stripped from his body.
Unable to live in, and weak to, fresh water, it lives in the sea, savouring the pain that burns the body in salt water, every day.


The Nuckelavee is a creature derived from Scottish Isle folklore, as a malignant sea-dwelling centaur-like creaturem that spread plague and disease where it went.