Night Stalker
ShI monsters 063
Shadow Hearts
HP 2500
MP 10
Location Orphange
Element Wind
Abilities Gale
Immunities Status Problems
EXP Gained 4000
Cash 3600
Drops Kid's Room Key

Bestiary InfoEdit

Servant of Jack, the mansion's master, he has the powers of a lower level spirit. If you hear footsteps from the ceiling or a cackling laugh, beware.


So the man isn't human after all. His element is wind but luckly Halley knows "Strong Earth" which will be useful.

Yuri should transform into Mad Bull which is a mid level earth monster.

This mini boss will only attack one person per turn so don't worry into transforming into Baldo. So if the player has Alice in the group she will heal those in need. Since Halley's abilities cause lot of damage this shouldn't take long.