Neo Amon

Neo Amon - The Annihilator

Info Edit

Amon after having his true power unleashed by Albert. To gain the power of Neo Amon is to gain the power to annihilate the world with a stray thought.

Attacks Edit

Name MP Cost Description Image
Mind/Body Revival 48MP Restores target's HP and cures unconsciousness Amonyuri1
Demon Rays 36MP Damages target in a line with demonic Light Amonyuri2
The End 54MP Inflicts Heavy non-class damage on all enemies, attacks a medium area. Amonyuri3
Not Yet! 56MP Revives all unconscious allies with a small portion of HP Amonyuri4
"Die, Scumbag!" 88MP Large-area Non-elemental attack (hard hit) Amonyuri5


"Neo" comes from the Latin, "Nova" meaning "New".