Top-most area of the Neam Ruins. It is here that Albert Simon plans to summon forth the Neamto Float. It is accessible only in Shadow Hearts.

Sealed GatewayEdit

Hidden in the ruins of the Monastery lies the gate way to the underground below. Roger Bacon is the only one capable of opening the gateway.

Tree of LifeEdit


Remains of the "Tree of Life"

All that remains of the "Tree of Life" that housed Elaine's body during the events of Koudelka (game) is simply a deep pit (and a broken cauldron), covered with withered vines.

The entrance to the underground is blocked by a door decorated with the symbol of the Judgment Ring.



Deep beneath the Monastery


The "Forge"


Pyramidal AltarEdit

The symbol of the Judgment Ring decorates the floor of the Altar, as well as a modified caduceus symbol (two entwining snakes wrapped around a celtic cross).


The Altar



Note the similarities

  • As yet another easter egg reference to Koudelka, the design of the seal leading to the underground is actually the same design as that found on the title screen of Koudelka.

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