Near.Death.Experience is a compilation of tracks from Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant that underwent remixes. Notable remixes include Astaroth - 8 minute note mix, Twilight Street - Ambient Remix, and Deep in Coma, minimal work.


  1. n.d.e / near death experience - Muddy Water edit
  2. Astaroth - 8-minute note mix
  3. The Wheel Of Fortune - Fortuna
  4. Never Ending Sadness - Pain edit
  5. Twilight Street - Ambient Remix
  6. Ala Of Sacrum - Spirit Of The Air
  7. Deep In Coma - minimal work
  8. Asian Parfait - Jasmine
  9. Grey Memories - Floating edit
  10. The 3 Karma - Cogito, ergo sum
  11. "Sphere -qu-" - Sacred Shrine edit


Concept/Director: Yoshitaka Hirota (TwinTail Studio)

Yoshitaka Hirota, Yasunori Mitsuda, Kenji Ito, and Tomoko Imoto.

Sound Producer:
Hirotomi Imoto

Kyoko Kishikawa, Akiko Shikata

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