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A giant floating castle shaped like The "Tower of Babel" by painter, Pieter Brueghel the Elder. It serves as a beacon to the Meta-God calling it from beyond the stars.


The Neameto Float (also called Neameeto, Neam, The Float, Palace of the Deranged Gods or the Mad God's Castle) is the result from the literature if the Codex of Lurie, which is used to summon the "Other Gods". Like the Valorization, this ritual also needs the power of a unique person but it needs a different power source, like Albert says "the key of darkness" which is of course Koudelka. Neam is what was left on earth by other beings that visited earth. There are approximatily hundred legacies, but most are left in ruins, Neam is the last remaining legacy that has not been left in ruin. Neam like the Tower of Bable Roger quotes cannot be easily controlled by humans, so it must be taken with extra caution to bring it forth. Once it has risen God will hone in on it, and what Albert Simon quotes will cleanse the world and make anew.


Neam has three floors that each have different monsters, mini boss and ways to get through.

1st FloorEdit

16-056 10

This floor is has these enemies

Mini boss-Soul Block

2nd FloorEdit

37-056 28

Watch out the enemies get stronger as you keep going up so be prepared.

Mini Boss-Hate

3rd FloorEdit

28-057 22

Ok this floor is annoying because there will be space time rifts all over the place that will take sometime to get around, and the worse part is you'll never know where they will be!

Mini Boss-Scapegoat

Throne RoomEdit

44-057 33

Ok the next to last boss, is here and the final showdown with Albert Simon, after the battle Albert admits he has made a mistake and takes our heroes to God's Throne for the Final Showdown!




The Rise of The Neamto

The Rise of The Neamto