Naniwa Kawashima
SH-C - Naniwa1
Eng VA Amos Nandy
Jap VA
Age 50
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Home Yokohama & Mukyo-An
Element Wind Element wind

Minor character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Ishimura and Ben Hyuga's former master. Naniwa Kawashima is the biological father of Yoshiko Kawashima, Kato's true love who lost her life in Shanghai, China during the previous Shadow Hearts.

Following the death of his daughter, Naniwa decided to withdraw from political life but is known to still be a great patriot. Naniwa now lives in Yokohama, Japan, with an adoptive daughter whom he gave the name Yoshiko Kawashima, in memory to the previous Yoshiko. He hired Kurando Inugami as the personal family bodyguard to protect her.


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