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Mummy Bride
Level 10
HP 1225
MP 62

Kelementfire -
Kelementwind Weak
Kelementlight Null
Kelementwater -
Kelementearth 1/2 DMG
Kelementdark Absorbs

  • Poltergiest (Silence)
  • Thunder (Silence)
  • Screech

Megalith Spell


"Dressed in fashions of a bygone age, she was a prisoner of the Monastery until her sad and lonely death. Spurned by the man who loved her, she was left to rot in the prison. For cruel amusement, the guards forced her to wear her wedding dress and locked her away. Death is her only release."


A zombified woman dressed in a decaying wedding gown, with the veil still partly attached.



Don't bother using any physical attacks against her as they do pitiful damage. Your best bet is to have your party (even Edward) cast heal on Mira (which should deal around 500 damage) or flare.

The battle should be over before Mira even has a chance to attack.


  • She is thought to be the mad woman featured in the Guard's Diary, especially seeing as how it is mentioned that she kept hold of the wedding dress, even though she would never get married.

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