Shftnw mon 094
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 5000
MP 611
Location Guiana Highlands
Element Light
  • Attack w/ring abnormalities
  • Gale
  • Pre-Ignition
  • Bright Crest
Calories 10
EXP Gained 42000
Souls Gained 350
Cash 9000
Cat Coins
Drops Demon Earrings

Paralysis 3

The last UMA that must be faced by Natan during his quest.


A legendary UMA ruling the highlands of Guiana. Extremely cautious and sensitive, it hates anything that disturbs its nest, and immediately repels any intruders.


More often romanised as Mudopukan, it is an eastern-style dragon found in the beliefs of the Oroqen, an ethnic group from China. The Mudopukan was a symbol of storms, and rain, often prayed too in times of hardship.

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