Miserati - Forgiver of Sin

Taking the form of an androgynous angel, this is Yuri's ultimate light fusion.

SP consumption as Miserati: 5 SP per turn

Info Edit

Archangel of light that manifests for a soul that forgives even the worst sins. His power lies not in destruction but in the ability to lead others to good.

Attacks Edit

Name MP Cost Description Image
Barrier 12MP Increases Special Defense for one ally Lyuri1
Heaven 16MP single-target Light attack (anti-ground, high angle) Lyuri2
Raise Up 24MP restores a small amount of HP and SP to one unconscious ally Lyuri3
Nova 32MP medium area Light attack (anti-air, high angle) Lyuri4
Arc Barrier 36MP increases Special Defense for all allies Lyuri5
Resurrection 40MP restores all HP and SP to one unconscious ally Lyuri6
Pulse 64MP large-area Light attack (high angle, anti-ground) Lyuri7


Etymology Edit

Dervied from the Latin "misera", which can mean "sadness" or "great poverty".

The monster that Yuri must fight to unlock Miserati, Svarog, is named after the Slavic supreme god and sky god.