The Mirror Bracelet is one of the many ailment-resisting accessories sold in stores and infrequently found as enemy drops or treasure. When equipped, it allows the wearer to resist the effects of Petrify attacks, making it one of the most invaluable accessories in the game.

Descriptions Edit

Shadow HeartsEdit


A bracelet with a magic mirror made from polished silver dust produced by alchemy. The mirror repels evil and renders Petrification ineffectual.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Mirror bracelet

Bracelet of three copper mirrors, with a motif based on the Perseus myth. As Perseus avoided Medusa's gaze, so the wearer is guarded from Petrification.

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit


Bracelet adorned with tiny mirrors. Based on the armor Perseus wore to kill Medusa, the mirrors vibrate to prevent the wearer from turning to stone.