Shadow Hearts
HP 8000
MP ??
Location Neameto Float - Throne Room
Element Non-elemental
  • Holy Chest


  • Grace
Immunities Status Problems
EXP Gained 60000
Cash None
Drops Silver Hand

Bestiary InfoEdit

Albert's final evolution gained through the evil power from the Castle of Deranged Gods.


Albert Simon transforms himself into another creature, the Messiah...

It's recommended that you should have Alice since she can use Arc after the Messiah attacks with Holy Chest. Another thing to worry about is the special move "!!!" which will drain all but 1 hp point left. Also beware of the Messiah's Status Abmorality. The Messiah can also use an SP draining move so pack up on Pure Leaves. Overcome Simon's final bid to destroy the world and move onward to the final boss.


  • Messiah comes from a Hebrew word, meaning "Anointed", and generally represents a figure who will save or redeem Mankind, and vanquish or destroy evil. In some sects of Christianity and Islam, this figure is Jesus Christ, and in Hinduism, it is the final Avatar of Vishnu, Kalki.
  • Albert Simon sees himself as a savior believing that humanity can only be saved by being destroyed.

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