Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 555
MP 82
Location Purramount Pictures
Element Light

Cure All

Bright Decide

Calories -10
EXP Gained 4500
Souls Gained 0
Cash 1920
Cat Coins

Demon Ward

Lottery Ticket

Strike Expand (Perfect Ring Rate 100%)

The fourth enemy faced in Purramount Pictures.


Ryoko Tani

Ryoko Tani

  • Meowara-chan is a reference to the popular, retired judo olympic twice-gold medalist Ryoko Tani. She gained the nickname "Yawara-chan" as a reference to a manga called Yawara! about a girl who partcipates in judo bouts, and has an innate talent for the martial art. The only direct reference aside from the name, is Meowara wearing the two gold medals.

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