Element: Non-Elemental

Melt Crest is a recurring non-elemental spell appearing in both Shadow Hearts: Covenant and Shadow Hearts: From the New World.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Meltcrest shc

Melt Crest in SH: Covenant

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Melt Crest is the most powerful Crest Magic avaliable to the player, and is the only spell on the Solomon Crest. It costs over 160 MP to cast and deals massive non-elemental damage as well as causing Bind status and the chance of inflicting every status ailment.

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

When recieved, it is called "Shield Crest." And in this state, it is unable to be used. To use it, all Stellars and Stellar Charts must be found. And all the Stellar Charts must be filled (it is possible, since they can be modified to fit different Stellars). After that, talk to Professor Lovecraft. Then it becomes "Melt Crest."

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